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"Drawing is my way of marking a moment, reminding me of a particular place or an image I have seen. Islandseries is a response to walking in the local woodlands and driving to my studio combined with imagination.They are familiar and undefined places.”


- Anne Gibbs


About the Artist
Anne Gibbs’ artistic practice is a fusion of influences stemming from the still life painting genre, cabinets of curiosities and collage. Her work is concerned with examining the selection and arrangement of objects and exploring the use of colour in her practice. Experimenting with materials is of great interest to her, making small-scale objects in bone china occasionally displayed with mixed media components. Anne collects natural materials and man-made objects from a wide range of sources, which are then transformed, altered and restaged. These objects fuel an interest in the relationships between disharmony and ambiguity on the one hand; stillness and calm on the other.


Anne Gibbs is based in Cardiff

Islands (fence) by Anne Gibbs

  • Fence, 2020 Edition  (from Islands series, 2011)

    Edition of 20

    Digital Print on Marrutt 300gsm Smooth Fine Art White Paper

    Produced by Hannah Biscombe at Magpie Studio, Cardiff.

    Paper Size 13 x 19 inches

    Signed, numbered, and dated by the artist


    All prints are coated with a protective UV resistant spray.

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