About the Work
These oil on paper works display a selection typical of the “drawings” as the artist prefers to describe them, which he would produce during one or more sessions. He approaches painting, usually in oil, on primed or un-primed paper or primed canvas, with the slightest and minimal amount of planning, prefering to allow the idea to develop on the canvas. Two figures can become one dominant character or one character can find itself in the company of several additional images, in a shallow landscape. He starts with an idea, working rapidly with thin paint – rather like you could approach a sketch, allowing the image to develop organically – in the hope that it will become a more complete, finished piece.

About the Artist
Keith Bayliss’ work is figurative and expressive – his motif, the human figure situated within the landscape. He works in a variety of mediums: pencil and ink on paper, oil on canvas, relief printing and more recently, small mixed media sculptural constructions. His large scale works present life size figures often inhabiting undefined or unrecognisable places. His protagonists frequently interact, sometimes moving in opposite directions with a bird or animal as companion in this private, intimate, interplay within timeless space.


Keith Bayliss is based in Swansea

Keith Bayliss | Untitled

  • Keith Bayliss


    Oil Paint on Paper (Fabriano Artistco HP)

    57 x 76cm

    Signed by the artist


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