About the Work

For me and many others in Wales, the Covid19 pandemic really started to make an impact on home-life and work in March 2020. Since then, I have become increasingly interested in the new terms and phrases it has engendered that have come into popular use almost weekly. So to commemorate my first year of the pandemic, I have created twelve type-works featuring some of these words and sayings.


About the Artist

Steph Mastoris is a typographic artist who uses traditional letterpress techniques. His work is concerned with the power and elegance of letter and word forms. He is interested in using letterpress printing to explore the subtleties of language where punctuation, form and layout can change or create ambiguities of meaning. At its simplest the aesthetics and tonal impact of hand-printed wood type can be radically altered by enlarging it several hundred per cent. More subtly, Steph uses small typographic triptychs to draw attention to the three-dimensional quality of language that arises when similar-sounding words and the different silences between them are exhibited in plain, hand-printed type.


Steph Mastoris is based in Swansea

Covid 19 Series (No. 2) by Steph Mastoris

  • Covid19 (Number 2), 2021
    Edition of 3 
    Hand-letterpress print, 60pt Gill Sans bold on machine-made 300gsm watercolour paper
    Paper Size: 297 x 210 mm (A4)
    Signed and numbered by the artist

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