About the Edition

The Indigo Alliance is an assembly of towns, cities and islands, whose mutual identity centres around the colour Blue. Born out a shared ambition to transcend their national perspectives, and converse openly with other blue-minded places without the aid of centralised governments, through an international alliance of colour. 
 Blue Town, situated on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, was the founding place of the Alliance. As a maritime port it historically welcomed sea-travellers, and exists as a place of flux and the exchange of ideas and culture. Blue Town’s High Street became the meeting place for radical discussion and the formation of the UK’s first workers co-operative society. The Indigo Alliance members work together through international correspondence, lead by the belief in a future based on unity and co-operation, whilst celebrating the individuality and identity of places. Their aim was to join something larger than the island; to forge alternative partnerships overseas and realise their commonalities, not based on geographical proximity but their shared Blueness.


About the Artist
Mez Kerr Jones’ practice explores the connections between power and spatiality, place, profit and ownership. Her research addresses personal and communal feeling, representation and geographical identity to understand the relationships formed between a place and its inhabitants. Working site-specifically and site-responsively, her works consider not only place, but also social and political context, where questions and ideas are articulated through actions and materials. Urban space is the backdrop for many lives and using journeys as a research tool, Mez speculates on how cities function, and on identity, safety and equality. Her works are an expression of her motivation for political and social change.


Mez Kerr Jones is based in London

Blue Town (Retail) by Mez Kerr Jones

  • Blue Town: Retail (2020)
    Edition of 20
    Digital Print 
    Printed at Kingston School of Art
    Signed, numbered, and dated by the artist


    Originally editions of 18 Cyanotypes with digitally printed stamps made from mixed media drawings

    Works made with Tim Offredi as part of Swap Editions no.5 Island, in collaboration with SKELF at Creekside Studios, Deptford, London



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