R&J February Newsletter


Welcome to our February Newsletter.

This month, the focus is on two new series introduced

online through our website & social media.


Artist Q&A

"It is time for a complete redefinition of how we do all that happens around visual practice"

- Bella Kerr

We have started to publish some of the Q&A sessions with R&J artists on our News page. Keith Bayliss & Bella Kerr begin this series responding to questions regarding solitude, making new work, giving advice & the future. Read More...

Image: Bella Kerr Studio, 2021


Instagram Takeover

R&J artists have been taking over our instagram account for the past month, sharing new, unseen work and revisiting projects which were significant or continue to inform their practice. Follow us on Instagram to catch up on the series so far - currently curated by Anna Lewis. Read More...

Image: Anna Lewis


New additions to our online store

Eight of Keith Bayliss' paintings have now been added to the online store. These oils on paper are unframed and range in size. Read More...

"I approach painting with the slightest and minimal amount of planning. I prefer to allow the idea to develop on the canvas. I start with an idea, working rapidly with thin paint - rather like you could approach a sketch - allowing the image to develop organically in the hope that it will become a more complete, finished piece”

- Keith Bayliss