Instagram Takeover: Anna Lewis

Anne Lewis took over R&J's Instagram page from 22nd to 28th February 2021.

DAY ONE: Monday 22nd February

Although I trained as a jeweller, my work has often diversified to also explore ideas through photography, film and installation. I have undertaken several collaborative photography and fashion video projects over the past decade; the images often undermine any sense of normality, and become very much about storytelling - amidst the chaos a feeling of beauty and stillness is created.

In recent years ‘Hold’, a collaborative photoshoot with photographer Dafydd Williams referenced the balance and duality of two opposing forces, while ‘Phobia’, a collaboration with artist & filmmaker Tim Stokes was concerned with the uncanny; a haunting, otherworldly scene; a return to darkness, an in-between state.

The claustrophobic space in this work is engulfing and crushing for its two occupants; the distance around them has collapsed to 50 and 30cm gaps - both are darkness and light, one unable to exist with the other. It suggests a boundary, or a prison - an interior room which is familiar yet strange, where the perception of reality is destabilized, turned upside down.


1-4: Phobia

5-7: Hold

DAY TWO: Tuesday 23rd February

For the last two years, I have been invited to show work at “NUDA VITA: The practice of the collective and political body” at Munich Jewellery Week. The exhibitions are curated by Ilaria Ruggiero and explore the value and the role of the public, collective and political body, using the expression Nuda Vita, coined by Walter Benjamin, as a starting point. They present new collections from invited artists of different nationalities and in 2019 I produced the collection ‘stay’ exclusively for the exhibition which was held in ABC Westside Galerie

Again in 2020, I received funding from Wales Arts International and created the ‘Touch don’t Touch’ collection for Nuda Vita, again curated by Ilaria Ruggiero. The provocation was; ‘In our too fast-paced existence, fueled by technology, politics, the climate and the pressures of modern society, have we become distracted or disrupted from being human?’

Building on the idea of the corset being a tool of both constriction and manipulation I wanted to bring the work back to the idea of the naked body in close proximity to the object, be it the corset or the feather sculptures I create. Questions are frequently being asked about what it means to be human and how our humanity is changing, our connection or disconnection with nature and also with each other.

The 2020 event was sadly cancelled in real life but will be shown as an online series of events for Nuda Vita March 2021 during the virtual Munich Jewellery Week.


1-5: Touch don’t Touch

6-10 Stay

DAY THREE: Wednesday 24th February

The translation of the title of this project - Elle Se Montre - is literally ‘to show itself’. It is tied to the idea of the monstrous, in a state of becoming; or a state of emotion, the forms are a mutation of an alternative body and animal. These creatures are metamorphosing; they are alive and dead, artificial and real, familiar and strange. The monster shows itself as something that is not yet shown, that is not yet known.