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Hamish Gane’s practice is predicated on notions of memory and melancholia, predominantly explored through the optic of the family. His current research also explores post-representational concepts of photography and in 2013 he was awarded a PhD for his practice-based thesis entitled: Photography, Melancholy, Family: Spaces Beyond Representation.


Gane’s work has been exhibited widely in a number of solo and group shows including Home Sweet Home at Oriel Theatr Clwyd 2017;  Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography in 2015 and also in 2013, as part of its exhibition 'From Common Differences', in which he co-edited the accompanying publication. His solo exhibition Apron in 2005 at Mission Gallery, depicted a staged reality, each image creating a metaphysical space between fact and fiction, security and vulnerability, reality and myth.

A Sea of Irrelevance

1.stasis in progress.jpg
2.amusing ourselves to death.jpg
3.nihil unbound.jpg
4. wanderer.jpg
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