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Colour Theory : RED

A collection of works curated around the simple unifying theme

of a specific colour.

"Bedrooms are private, the site of confidences, negotiations, plans, dreams, love, hate, sex, birth, illness and death. The dining table is public, the site of rituals that display and support family and social hierarchies and rules, the place of negotiations that mirror, reveal and conceal the activities of the bedroom.


Works such as Bourgeois’ Red Rooms and Destruction of the Father echo the best known of red rooms, Charlotte Brontë’s in Jane Eyre". 

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"Red is the colour that Constable used so cleverly with the smallest dash of the colour in a sea of greens to give a focal point to his peaceful landscapes. Red was used by the Expressionists to saturate the picture surface and create a feeling of unquiet in the viewer.


Red is powerful. It can be both a colour of warning and the warm flush of a friendly face. What a clever colour it is". 


- Keith Bayliss, 2021

Roderick & Jones Keith Bayliss Voyage of the Heart