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The Coming of Age

curated by Bella Kerr (Age 62) & Amanda Roderick (Age 50)
for Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2022

opening event from 6pm,  Friday 27 May. All welcome
exhibition continues until 12 June 2022* 

Number 23 Milsom Place,

41 Milsom Street,

Bath BA1 1DN

Open daily 11am - 6pm*
*closing at 3pm on Sun 12 June


Aliceson Carter

Annie Wright

Anzhelika Osieva & Pedro Andrade

Bella Kerr & Will Jones

Elizabeth Dymond 

Gabriella Tigoglu 

Hamish Gane

Jacqueline Ennis-Cole

Keith Bayliss

Kelvin Atmadibrata

Lillie Ruffels 

Mez Kerr Jones

Richard Bowers

Steph Mastoris

Suze Adams

The Coming of Age is dedicated to the memory of one of its exhibitors, 

Will Jones (1991-2022), who died suddenly on 11th February 2022.

"Society cares about the individual only insofar as he is profitable. The young know this. Their anxiety as they enter upon social life matches the anguish of the old as they are excluded from it".

 - Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir's The Coming of Age allows us to think of youth and old age, the journey to adulthood, and cross-generational views. This exhibition, rather than focusing only on practical, physical issues, examines the existential, philosophical problem of how we are in the world at any age.