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Colour Theory: Blue

A collection of works curated around the simple unifying theme

of a specific colour.

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"This is a sculpture that is felt, visually tactile, in its different textures and surfaces, and where colour too is sensual, even evoking qualities of taste and smell". 


Landscape in Blue

A tabletop installation of bone china and mixed media objects.


Keith Bayliss

“Colour in general is a problem for me”.


I made this statement in a question and answer session during an exhibition of mine. A supportive member of the audience interrupted by saying that she disagreed and that she felt that my colours were important. She misunderstood where I was going with that statement. I am not a colourist. I draw, even with paint. The “drawn” image is important and colour is almost an afterthought. I fill-in with blue – look closely at skin.


There is a lot of blue - adding a blue green and overwork with reds mixed with white and yellow. I ache to make images like my friends with singing and vibrant, happy colour.  But so often find that there is a blue undertone or backdrop. Blue can work in so many ways. It can be a peaceful place to rest and find peace and for some a lonely place for the soul.

- Keith Bayliss, 2021

Image: Mad as Birds,
Oil on canvas 5x4ft.

Private Collection 

Mad as Birds Oil on Canvas 5x4ft.jpg
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