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Roderick & Jones is an online 

creative enterprise based in Wales,

led by Amanda Roderick

Originally training as an artist and more recently as an Art Historian, Amanda has more than twenty years experience of working in the arts. Between 2011 and 2019 she was the Director & Curator of Mission Gallery, an independent, publicly funded contemporary visual art & craft space in Swansea. With a strong track record of successfully delivering projects with an artist led philosophy, Amanda has continued to work as a creative producer, developing ideas and organising projects. From designing websites to selling & promoting  artists work, Amanda works collaboratively throughout the creative process, fostering collaborative interdisciplinary practice.


Selected Programming Highlights, 2011-2019:


Mez Kerr Jones A City Named Dog; Thibault Brunet Soleil Noir ; With Other Eyes (curated by Beate Gegenwart).


Claire Barclay Deep Spoils; Fiona Banner Buoys Boys; Nightswimming (curated by Liam O Connor).


Douglas Ashford Bunker 2Mission is 40* - Anniversary Exhibition Celebrating 40 Years (co-curated with Keith Bayliss); Isabelle Gressel the [...] space;  Anne Gibbs Still (curated by Ceri Jones for Language of Clay). 


Jason & Becky VISCOSITECTURECIVIC in Venice & New York residency programmes created 


Southern Lines and Northern Lights (curated by Ceri Jones); ATB Collective Misunderstandings (curated by Owen Griffiths); Right Now! (curated by Paul Emmanuel & Craig Wood); Ryan L. Moule Divisible Remainder; Angela Maddock Mothers Are Wolves. Location & Education Symposium organised with Q-Art & Swansea College of Art UWTSD


Claire Curneen To This I Put My Name ; CIVIC (curated by Bella Kerr); Ephemeral Coast (curated by Celina Jeffery); Jonathan Powell When we build again ; Lyrical One - A Dylan Thomas Centenary Exhibition.


Japanese Style Sustaining Design: A Japanese Season in Wales (curated by Michael Nixon & Elaine Marshall); Tom Hunter Unheralded Stories; Bella Kerr Keeper (s); Richard James New Paintings; Maleonn Ma Studio Mobile (curated by Karen Mackinnon).


Clare Morgan Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside; Keith Bayliss Hortus Conclusus; Laura Edmunds Maker in Focus ; Aled Simons Shipwreck; Katie Allen Nature Illuminated; Bedwyr Williams My Bad (curated by Karen Mackinnon); Thomas Goddard Potential Endings Series; Mary Vetisse Neoclassicism and the weather . 


Natalia Dias Vida e Morte; Ben Rowe Second Star to the Right and Straight on Until Morning; Jane Phillips Live Out Loud. 

*Featuring past exhibitors including: Catherine Yass, Caroline Broadhead, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Paul Emmanuel, Peter Finnemore, Sue Williams, Christine Jones, Rozanne Hawksley, Jonathan Anderson, Fern Thomas, Anna Lewis, Glenys Cour, Muriel Clement, Osi Rhys Osmond and many others.

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​      We can...

  • Provide bespoke advice to help plan short and long-term projects

  • Develop limited edition prints and manage online sales & promotion

  • Set-up, promote & maintain your website

  • Assist with writing exhibition proposals & approaching galleries on your behalf

  • Undertake research and provide administrative assistance 


  • Identify potential opportunities such as residencies & talks, commissions or workshops

  • Organise online exhibitions which are led and self directed by our artists and guest curators.

    and help with...

  • Consultancy & Curatorial support

  • Creative Production and Project Management

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