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What We Do

Roderick & Jones provides support for artists through the promotion and sale of their work.


For visitors to the Roderick & Jones site we offer the opportunity to view and buy affordable contemporary art online.

Roderick & Jones understand both the business and creative aspects of the art world. Artists often struggle with financial sustainability, and how to prioritise studio time and promote their work. 


We are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of practitioners and available to discuss representation with artists, exhibition proposals with galleries, and sales and commissions with buyers.

​      We can...

  • Provide bespoke advice to help plan short and long-term projects

  • Develop limited edition prints and manage online sales & promotion

  • Set-up, promote & maintain your website

  • Assist with writing exhibition proposals & approaching galleries on your behalf

  • Undertake research and provide administrative assistance 


  • Identify potential opportunities such as residencies & talks, commissions or workshops

  • Organise online exhibitions which are led and self directed by our artists and guest curators.

    and help with...

  • Consultancy & Curatorial support

  • Creative Production and Project Management

Image: Bella Kerr What Will Be Seen (2010) 

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