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What We Do

Roderick & Jones is a platform for emerging and less-recognised artists; a ‘place’ for artists to share their respective practices and develop opportunities.


Inspired by the work of New York’s White Columns gallery Roderick & Jones represents a group of practitioners at varying stages; some are emerging, some re-emerging following periods of time prioritising work or care to ‘provide support to artists who have yet to benefit from wider critical, curatorial or commercial attention’. 


Our online platform creates context through digital projects and galleries, and provides artist profiles. We also work collaboratively with our artists to develop exhibition proposals and co-curate these artist-led projects for physical spaces.

Roderick & Jones also provides support for artists through the promotion and sale of their work.

We offer the opportunity to view and buy affordable contemporary art online.

Roderick & Jones understand both the business and creative aspects of the art world. Artists often struggle with financial sustainability, and how to prioritise studio time and promote their work. 

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of practitioners and available to discuss representation with artists, exhibition proposals with galleries, and sales and commissions with buyers.

Roderick & Jones is led by Amanda Roderick

Image: Bella Kerr What Will Be Seen (2010) 

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